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An Unprecedented Evolutionary Process Is Under Way

An Unprecedented Evolutionary Process Is Under Way Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, the God rays of creation for the Piscean Age, which contained the specific aspects, qualities, virtues, designs, and formulas for the creative process of that era were beamed down on Earth and humanity for over 2,000 years. Those Creator rays are now in the process of being withdrawn and shut down. That is why the masses who are still stuck in the illusion and the vibrational frequencies of the imbalanced third and lower-fourth dimensions are feeling as if they have lost their way; nothing is working the way it did in the past, and there seems to be no hope for the future.

The Beginning Stages of Awakening

Old regulations and guidelines, as well as many well-established institutions and religious organizations, are no longer dependable, and many are falling by the wayside. Fragmentation of almost all racial, cultural, social, and political boundaries within the third- and fourth-dimensional paradigms are crumbling or are being challenged. The consciousness of humanity is on the rise, and nothing can stop the forward momentum. Humanity is coming of age, and all must follow the flow of expanded awareness or fall into the trap of inertia and chaos.

Fortunately, more and more people are awakening to the process of turning inward in order to gain a heightened sense of self-awareness, which ultimately leads to a desire for higher soul consciousness via the energies of divine discontent. Every cultural group, every race, and every country on Earth is seeking direction or a higher philosophical path to follow. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the seven rays of God consciousness for your Earth that contain the divine blueprint for the Piscean Age have been almost completely withdrawn and are being replaced with the higher-frequency, more refined twelve rays of galactic consciousness for the Aquarian Age.