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Stillness Everywhere

Stillness Everywhere Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Every human is absolutely free to create in every moment. Because creation is actually your experience, it's taking responsibility for your perceptions and the way in which that engages your experience, correct? Freedom to create is not the New Age process that has turned creation and manifestation into a quick answer to "How do you get the million-dollar check in the mail? That's all I want to know. Tell me the tricks. I'll imagine anything you want me to imagine if I'm going to get a million-dollar check in the mail." Even though, from our perspective, anything that comes in your mailbox could provide you with the experience of a million-dollar check, whether or not it is a million dollar check. Your true creation has to do with your experience, not the form it takes. Does that make sense to everyone?


Your Body Is Your Own, but Your Consciousness Is Universal

You are absolutely formless in the "you" that is the Creator. Your body isn't creating; it's your consciousness that's creating. So why would your consciousness create bodies and forms? No, it creates consciousness. Consciousness creates consciousness. Stillness is, consciousness is, and creative energy is just being engaged in it all.

But your consciousness lives in a body, and …

Does it? Is your consciousness limited to the confines of your body?