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The Seer Almine: Secrets of the Whale Libraries

The Seer Almine: Secrets of the Whale Libraries Almine

As translated by the Seer Almine, from records of the hidden libraries under the Hobbema Reservation, Alberta, Canada

Secret One: Eating

Despise not your humanness as an unworthy vehicle of eternal expression. The functions of the body have sacred messages from the timeless expression of your being.

Eat in silence, for the act of eating is a sacred communion with the natural kingdom. Through appreciation, you are both fed by this experience. The plant and animal kingdoms thrive through being appreciated.

If the flesh of animals is eaten, the bowels need to be washed [Translator's Note: Enemas do not reach deeply enough. Colonics are far more effective.] The toxic waste products of meat will otherwise linger in the intestines for many years. This irrigation of the bowels needs to take place every seven days if meat is consumed daily.

Like plucking the string of a musical instrument, causing the strings of other instruments nearby to tremble in resonant sympathy, so does food affect you. It provides a note that causes certain notes within you to vibrate in a sympathetic response. This is the way nutrition stimulates the fullness of expression that produces health. [Translator's Note: This is also the way homeopathy works.]