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The Recalibration of Gaia

The Recalibration of Gaia Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The family before me is known, and I will say it yet again: There is no mystery about who sits here and who may be listening or, eventually, who may be reading. It comes together in a timeless state, which is not the reality that you share at this moment. It's a reality that I have of a timeless place in a quantum state filled with the potentials of those who I know will hear and read this message. So although it may seem for you in the room to be "now," it is all "now" for me.

I wish I could take you back several thousand years. Slowly, as the time went backward, the buildings would disappear, everything would be reduced to dirt, and the indigenous peoples would show themselves. If you took a look at what they were doing then, they had two things that they emphasized, two things that occupied all that was important to them. The first was honoring their ancestors, and the second was honoring Gaia.

The energies of the indigenous peoples were focused on the land — not just a land that would give them water or food, but the actual energy of the dirt of the earth. Many of you will know what I speak of if you have studied their lives. It is no different from the indigenous peoples all over Earth, for it was intuitive that Gaia is the energy of what you would call Mother Earth, and it was aligned with humanity in a society that was not nearly as complex as yours is now. Instead, they experienced the overwhelming energies of being in alliance with the planet and with those ancestors who had gone before.