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Open Your Heart and Mind with Compassion

Open Your Heart and Mind with Compassion Quan Yin through Shelia Shumate

My beautiful children and wonderful beings, greetings and love to all. A beautiful new year is here upon us, and it is always good to bring in inspirational messages for you to reflect on. This year, many of you will breathe easier as you are able to see things from a higher perspective.

Peace Comes from Within and Spreads out into the Universe

It is important to continue to raise your awareness, to keep in mind that everything is connected, and to have respect for all life. Many are still learning, and you help others just by living in a higher state of consciousness. Each day this year brings about an opportunity for you live in compassion, generosity and open-mindedness.

There has been much progress on Earth: A multitude of you have been changing your vibration through your thoughts, words, and actions. Your hearts are opening. What a gift this is to the planet! As you look around you, there are those who are still struggling to understand how the universe works and to live in a world of peace. As you know, peace comes from within and that spreads out into the universe — it's so exciting to see those shifts. It is significant for each of you to keep on being the models for others to see and follow.