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Loving the Third Dimension

Loving the Third Dimension Wendy Zellea

The ascension process is just that: an energetic journey that begins with moving out of the collective consciousness and into the uncharted territory of the higher realms. This is done while simultaneously living third-dimensional everyday life. What we are all experiencing right now, the ascension process, can be likened to living in a fog and watching as the fog slowly lifts, revealing that which has always been there. In other words, there has always been an iPhone — we just couldn't see it until recently. In the same way that fascinating advances, which have always existed in the infinite consciousness, are discovered and developed in science and technology — as though they were being newly created — we as light workers are discovering, from a third-dimensional viewpoint, what other beings in other dimensions probably take for granted.

We are here to experience the third dimension. This does not mean that we cannot experience other dimensions from the third dimension, but we do not want to look back someday, in some parallel reality in which we are residing, and think, "I had the opportunity to fully experience the third dimension and I blew it. I kept trying to experience something else instead of the third dimension on Earth in the twenty-first century." The ascension process is designed for us to experience the higher realms right here on Earth from a third-dimensional viewpoint. It is a process of conscious human evolution.

The reason it is so important for us to "be here now," as Ram Dass so cleverly stated, is because we, in all probability, simultaneously exist in an infinite number of other dimensions throughout the universe. This is a difficult idea to wrap your mind around, but you can begin by intellectually conceptualizing it. When we are willing to accept that this is true, we can see the importance for each of us to make the best of our experience here on Earth in this particular incarnation.