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Life-Force Energy

Life-Force Energy Linda Abrams

The following is an explanation of lifeforce energy. This came about when I was preparing to teach a class on a Sunday morning. I woke up at about 6:00am, and as I lay there in bed, instead of trying to fall back asleep or get up, I began to go over in my mind how I was going to explain lifeforce energy or God to the students of my class — what it was and examples of how it is part of us and the world we live in. As I pondered this question, information began to surge inside of my brain in simplistic terms that I could understand and relay to others. This is what was given to me in the way of information.

Everything in the physical universe is made up of energy, information, sound frequencies, and light waves. We appear to be solid, but we really are not. How that appearance of being solid comes about is as follows: Each thing that appears to be form has a frequency at which it vibrates. We vibrate at such a slow frequency that we take on the appearance of being dense or solid. The frequency, energy, and information is controlled by the consciousness surrounding it. That frequency, energy, and information originates from the universal mind — or the mind of God, cosmic consciousness, life-force energy, or whatever name you want to refer to it by. It is the original source of all things.

Thoughts as Energy

As we have discovered, energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be reshaped or changed. Thought is electrical in nature. Thought is electromagnetic energy, and our emotions cause thoughts or information to go into motion. We are constantly thinking and putting out into the universe desires — positive ones and also thoughts of fear. What we put out comes back to us through something called the law of attraction, and what we focus on expands. We cocreate with all of creation with every thought we have.