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Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom Peter Sterling

For almost twenty-five years, I have been investigating the spiritual phenomena of angelic beings of light penetrating into the realms of humans and affecting change and miracles on many levels. It is my belief that having a strong connection with one's guardian angel — each one of us has at least one watching over us at all times — is of greatest importance due to the transformational and somewhat chaotic times in which we are living.

To have the assistance of your heavenly angelic guides is one of God's blessings promised to all seekers of truth. To realize that there is heavenly and celestial assistance for everybody to help us navigate the twists and turns of life is truly a miraculous blessing. It has been my endeavor to cultivate this relationship in my own life and share the miracle of the angels' light and love with those who I touch with my music, book, workshops, and seminars. I believe that by having and utilizing this angelic connection, you can dream bigger dreams and reach them more frequently than if you were to endeavor on these challenging paths in solitude.

The Importance of Working with Angels at This Time

The message from the angels at this time is the same as it has always been for me during the three decades I've been working with them: It is the promise of the ascension, which means raising our energy into a higher frequency of light on every level of our being — cellular, subatomic, spiritual, emotional, mental, and gross physical being.