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The Gift of the New Millennium

The Gift of the New Millennium Metatron through Lois Noonan

Greetings. At this time the energies are rising, and you are rising within this energy band, knowingly or unknowingly. There is absolutely no threat to you — it is a gift of the new millennium. If you recognize it, please accept it. It truly is a gift enabling all souls to cope with this tremendous moment in time. Sit quietly right now, please. Take a moment to let the energy mingle with your own. Feel a little tingling, perhaps? Or if you are already there, how high can you rise? There are no limits, except to what you can infuse in any one moment. You are not meant to be uncomfortable.

As your vibrations rise, so do your wisdom and physical well-being — a gift, remember? In these moments — which are ongoing eternally, by the way — you become more and more enlightened. We love this word — it can be applied to so many concepts and situations as well as physical changes. So use it! Take it in quiet moments and also at the heights of great excitement, love, and gratitude. These are not trying times; these are tremendous times that beg us to recognize them. Just a hint of remembrance can go a very long way. It can also be positively contagious, in the very highest meaning of the word.

Now, with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart, take another look around you. Did a light come on? Are you seeing differently? Did you receive a combination of light and love? Do it again and again as you help Mother Earth fill her space with this precious energy. You are truly the giver of the gift. It is a gift from your heart to the universe. Did you know you had such power? If so, congratulations — please share it. However, if it is a new feeling, sit with it. We cannot overstate the power and gratitude such awareness brings.