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Finding your Connection to Unified Consciousness

Finding your Connection to Unified Consciousness Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

We are supporters of the galactic council, and through the ages we have helped many of you to organize the information that comes to you through the quantum field. Some of you are more sensitive than others to receiving and deciphering the information that comes to you, but all of you have the capacity to access this information.

I have been with many of you for many lifetimes to assist you in the self-discovery process of internal awareness and to help you release fear and connect with your internal guidance to access helpful information. There are many facets of us that assist humanity with this process, and we are multitaskers. We have been called "gatekeepers," and that could be correct, although it is not our only duty.

Our Duties and Sense of Commitment

As I relay this information, I feel a sense of obligation and a feeling of heaviness that my channel feels with the word "duty." Many of you have felt burdened and uncomfortable, even oppressed in the jobs or occupations that you have chosen or have been given to you.