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Conundrum Considerations

Conundrum Considerations Zen Benefiel

Achieving cosmic consciousness is like hacking a super computer: Every time you think you've found a key, it just opens another level of encryption guarding the source code. What if we didn't have to hack the code? If you are reading this for the first time, you might want to be aware of your belief systems and suspend them for a moment. It's quite likely you will be challenged. I was and still am.

A new world order is evolving now, emerging from an organic and systemic need for change, fueled by the deep desire for something beyond the senseless control and manipulation of people, places, and things for profit without conscience. These new discoveries take us into areas of awareness and consciousness that refute our linear-based religious "thoughtmosphere," inviting us to explore possibilities within the "spooky action at a distance" of quantum entanglement, as Einstein once described it.

The Setup

The event I am about to describe happened nearly forty years ago now, yet it is still fresh and inviting, as many new discoveries and revelations are occurring in a plethora of fields that all relate to human evolution — from superstition to science-based understanding. How I've lived and what I've done has revealed a lot about my own nature and the nature of human beings in general — trapped by limiting belief systems and fear-based nonsense that keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant, and immobile.