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The Celestial Body of Love

The Celestial Body of Love Mary Magdalena through Virginia Ellen

You have been rising up as time speeds up — I will refer to this as the cycle of evolution. The reason for the speeding up of your time on Earth is that the planet is moving closer to the energy of the golden age and its light frequency. The frequency of the golden light is that of divine love, and it vibrates at a very high speed of light energy.

Once Earth and its inhabitants lived in the Dark Age, and its frequency was very dense and moved very slowly. Then Earth moved into the Bronze Age, and then the Silver Age. As you moved, the frequency of Earth kept getting lighter and moving faster. You are now moving into the highest vibration as a planet. The old ways of the monetary system are being dissolved and dismantled. All of the systems based on lower consciousness and energy will go through this transformation and become systems of divine love.

The First Wave of Your Ascension: the Activation of your Sacred Seals

The year 2013 is the beginning of the golden age. The Divine Feminine is the leader of golden light, and it represents your divine love. The Divine Feminine within each of you has a purpose: She leads you home to Spirit, to love, to peace, and to joy. The world will be at peace and live in higher consciousness as the golden light of the Divine Feminine lives through humanity. This will occur as you enter the celestial body of love. As you enter this holy place, the Divine Feminine will activate your sacred seals.