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Become the Embodiment of Pure Love on Earth

Become the Embodiment of Pure Love on Earth Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My dear, dear colleagues of light, is it not a momentous occasion to be standing upon the planet at this time of great change? Do you not feel it changing every cell in your body? Do you not feel the divine plan opening with greater meaning in your own lives? Do you not feel that the illusions of separation, of not knowing the love of the Creator, are falling away? Breathe, dear ones. Breathe in the illusions of separation and let them go. They no longer serve you.

Love Is the Structure of the Universe

The time is now to let the past go as a limiting vice. The infrastructures are now in place for you to make great strides in remembering who you are and who we are as deeply connected beings in service to the love of the Creator. Feel this. Set your human mind aside, and allow this truth to enter your hearts without judgment.

Do not be better or worse than others in your own mind; just feel the love as it is — pure, unconditional, and accepting of all experience. Can you not feel it? It speaks to you more deeply now than it ever has. Your soul speaks to you with greater clarity. Yes, its love for you has always been boundless. Is it not grand to truly feel it now, in ways that a few years ago were not possible?