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You Can't Keep Up in the Old Ways

You Can't Keep Up in the Old Ways Sanat Kumara through Mercedes Kirkel

Greetings, beloved. This is Sanat Kumara. I am here because it is such an amazing time on Earth now. I have committed to be with Earth to help you all in this transformation. Now I wish to be more present and more communicative so that I can be of maximum help in a more direct way.

I am always with you through my blessing, always helping to steer the course here on Earth. The seeds of what is happening at this time were planted so very long ago, including those of you who made the decision a great while ago to be here at this time. So many forces, so many trajectories have come together to create what is happening now on and beyond your Earth. All the forces at play and all the groups of beings who are interacting to create your experience on Earth at this time are beyond your imagining and comprehension. It is quite a festival, you might say, quite a grand party that is occurring.

"Festival" is a wonderful word for it, because it is a happy time. It is an exciting time. It is like a celebration—a birthday or a graduation to another level. You on Earth are about to graduate to another level that is significantly different than what you know now—one that you will, for the most part, enjoy so much more. You have so much to look forward to.