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Unity, Consciousness, and You

Unity, Consciousness, and You The Soul Collective through Ray Dawn

Hello to you. We are the Soul Collective. We are a collective of all souls on Earth, and we wish to speak to each of you about this emergence, this coming into unity consciousness, and 2012. To begin, we shall say that our message is one of peace, nurturance, and love, for we are love—as are all of you. To be this love is the answer to all questions at this important time on your Earth, for the transformation of all matter is at hand. This transformation that is approaching is quite widespread, all-encompassing, and will be evident in your moments within this year.

To say that 2012 will bring much transformation is a very true statement. As this process is unfolding, you all are coming to conclusions about the nature of your reality, your consciousness. This consciousness is reaching the collective, and we are here to speak to you of this part of your journey.

Now Is the Time to Remember the Truth of Reality

You have been on Earth in separation from your abilities and your nature. You have been on Earth and have wondered how you fit into the larger scheme. Each of you is a part of the whole, and each of you is the whole. From this knowingness, there will be the answers to all problems on your dear sphere.