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The Unfolding of the Mind into Cosmic Consciousness

The Unfolding of the Mind into Cosmic Consciousness Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, once again, we enter another time package, seeking to discover all the hidden blessings and compelling magical moments that a new year can offer. Even though the planet technically entered the time package recognized as 2012 sometime during the last two weeks of this past September, it is still important to mark the journey delineated by the calendar as well. What aspirations are you holding for 2012? Since the year will undoubtedly be an amazing one, my advice to you would be to enter it purposefully. If you have not already done so, spend some time contemplating your personal 2012 journey. How will you make it a meaningful journey, and what transformation will you draw along the way? May the year now beginning to unfold hold countless blessings for each and every one of you.

You Are Weaving a Beautiful Life Tapestry

In each physical incarnation, each life journey results in a beautiful life tapestry. As is the case with an actual rug or ornamental wall hanging, your life tapestry is woven of both vertical and horizontal strands. The vertical strands are your connections and relationships with your spiritual teachers. These must be soundly anchored and correctly placed in order to support the weight of the horizontal strands—your connections and relationships with other human beings, the world, and with your place within the historical framework of experiencing. You literally weave the design of your creative journey by intertwining your horizontal relationships with your vertical relationships.

Clearly, your vertical strands need to be strong, appropriately placed, and tightly anchored in order to support your horizontal weaving. The horizontal threads provide color and design while the vertical threads provide the strength and structure of your tapestry. But what is this "tapestry" you are weaving? Clearly, it is not a physical wall drape or rug, but you are creating an artistic replica of the life journey you are now making. The threads, while energetic in nature, are nonetheless viable, and they hang together in a manner that can be "read" by those who are able to access the akashic records.