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Shifting Frequencies 2013

Shifting Frequencies 2013 Shamael through Jonathan Goldman

Have we made it through to 2012 yet? Don't worry; we will. But there certainly are a lot of planetary shifts occurring right now. Life just is not what it used to be. On one level, that's a blessing. On another level, it's something else. The last issue of this journal was dedicated to predictions about the forthcoming year. This is something we try to avoid. Unfortunately, most predictions—specifically when there are dates involved—usually turn out to be pretty inaccurate. Usually, that is. We'll see what happens when December 21 of 2012 occurs—or perhaps we should say December 22. There are a lot of people hedging their bets about what will happen. We're not going to go into that now—most of you know even better than we do all the possibilities that people are suggesting. They are as seemingly endless as the potentials of the human mind and consciousness to come up with different realities.

On a positive note, as a species you are indeed embarking on a new level of evolution as humans. Not only individually but globally, many more of you will become aware that your thoughts have power and that this power can be focused and amplified. That is the positive aspect of the reality you are cocreating. The opposite aspect of this is to ask how you will use this power once you realize it. Such awareness can be a great blessing if it is utilized with high consciousness. We trust it will be.

Ascension Is Not "On" or "Off"

Now we come to December 21 of 2012. There are indeed galactic vibrational activations that are occurring at this time. The Maya knew it. Other traditions have been aware of it. We could say: "So what? There are always galactic vibrational activations occurring. That's what astrology is all about." As resonant beings who are affected by energy, the creatures on your planet are not unique—all beings are affected by energy. Sometimes you just are not as aware as you could be of the sources of this energy. It could be the weather. It could be your atmosphere. It could be the stars. It could be what you had for lunch or how you slept the night before or if you just exercised. These all influence you. It could be a multitude of different things that all affect your energy.