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Shamanic Wisdom

Shamanic Wisdom Jan Engels-Smith

I have previously written that I have dedicated this year and the next to the cultivation of living through chaotic times with grace and ascension. The years 2011 and 2012 are pivotal times for humanity. The old paradigms that govern our lives are being deconstructed and new ways of understanding our existence are emerging as we reshape our universe in communion with the greater powers that lie within ourselves and our universe. Critical choices that we make at this time will determine the outcome and the degree to which we will align with and shape this new age.

We Are the Creator Beings of Earth

Humans are the creator beings on this planet. I have come to clarity in my own thinking that this is the significant message from the universe, and I have tried to instill this message in my own students as well as in other audiences. The magnitude of this message is staggering.

Our current paradigm is one of limitations; it sees humanity as shaped by incapacity, unworthiness, and aimlessness. We have seen the collapse of social systems, the degradation of cultures, and the loss of an individual sense of meaning and happiness. For the past few years, we have seen the emergence of catastrophic weather patterns amid global warming, the failure of financial systems with foreclosures on peoples' homes and high unemployment, strained international relations and wars, and an ominous sense of a dire future that threatens our children and hinders planning for a better life.