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Room for Your Light

Room for Your Light The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home, dear ones. This day is very unique, for you have created a level of existence that did not exist before. You have opened a door to something very magical. The energy has been building for you to take this step. It has already begun in many ways, yet every day when you open your eyes and greet the new day, it begins again on a different level. Every part of this is starting to open up on a new level. Let us explain to you what is directly ahead, for some of you will experience this in your own lives right away.

Bright Lights

You have seen a variety of bright lights on planet Earth, those people who bring the light from home and shine it through a bubble of biology to help you see yourself and the light from home more easily. You have always known that some beings come in with almost too much light to carry. It is as if their eyes attract attention because of their extreme brightness, and they are so creative that everything they touch turns to magic. But sometimes their vibrations are so high that it is difficult for them to be comfortable on Earth, a planet with such a low vibration.

Many of you have seen these bright lights whom we call Earth angels. They come in with many gifts, giving of themselves freely and without hesitation. Sometimes this is done at their personal expense, and the toll is often quite heavy. Yet they leave behind incredible gifts to help the advancement of all of humanity. You have seen them in many of your famous artists, such as in musicians who have died quite young but left their indelible imprints behind. Some Earth angels have had an extremely difficult time trying to be humans on planet Earth. We tell you this now because there are a limited number on planet Earth who have come in with such incredibly bright lights that they cannot hide them. Well, dear ones, we are telling you that you are also about to take on that light. What we ask you is this: Is there room in your life right now if that were to happen to you today?