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Physical Feelings Are the Language of Physicality

Physical Feelings Are the Language of Physicality ET Visitor through Robert Shapiro

Greetings. I am a representative of one of the worlds that your focus is passing near. The veils are very thin here and we sometimes see your world, so we've had to set up a barrier to avoid that and it's been successful. But some of you, sensitives especially, are having a situation where some of your natural skills, which—if you were living in my world, you would have—are present. It's not all the time, but I believe it's caused by the proximity of our world, meaning our universes, being so close that you are being either stimulated in your own natural perceptions—beyond the world you're in, of course—or it is somehow accelerating your motion toward these natural abilities.

I do not think, though, from what I've been able to observe, that it has actually accelerated the changes that you are going through physically, meaning your planets—your world specifically. From what I can tell, it's strictly accelerating the individuals that it's affecting. And even though there are certain individuals it's affecting—and this is purely a theory on my part—one has to assume that everybody is being affected in some way, but those who are sensitive or attuned to their perceptions are more likely to take note of changes.

The Spirituality of Your Natural, Native Personality

One thing that is very clear, strictly observing the channel here, is that it is possible to see into other worlds and to also see into the future and in some cases into the past of the world in which you are now living. Sometimes seeing into other worlds means that you see a vehicle. It would be like . . . you might see many things as sensitives. I will speak to the sensitives, all right?