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The New Age of Enlightenment

The New Age of Enlightenment Lady Portia and Saint Germain through Star Hinman

Greetings, dear ones. It is indeed our distinct pleasure to have this opportunity to address many of you now. Both Portia and I treasure these moments of communication with each of you. We are being asked to speak to you on whatever topic is of the utmost importance, in our estimation, to enable successful navigation of these challenging times in which you now find yourselves.

Nothing at present is more important than learning how vital it is that each person is able to arrive at the inner destination where he or she has the ability to know the course that will then lead you to the fulfillment of his or her destiny on Earth. Each one of you is needed at this moment in time to contribute the maximum amount of which you are capable toward the vast changes that will transform Earth into her golden age of enlightenment.

Stop Waiting for Someone Else

Humankind has traditionally waited for some great leader to arrive on the scene so that it is able to receive all knowledge and direction from this person. But this paradigm will not be repeated in the new age of enlightenment, because it is time for each of you to fulfill your own destiny by awakening the leader within. Stop waiting for someone outside yourselves to stand up and show you the way.