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Humanity and the Physical Body of Mother Earth

Humanity and the Physical Body of Mother Earth Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Our beautiful Mother Earth is just one of millions, maybe even billions, of planets just like it. If you go to another part of the cosmic plane on the other side of this galaxy, you will find people going through the same evolutionary journey you are going through here on the Earth plane. So what makes this Earth plane different? Well, Mother Earth has the Schumann resonances1 and your heartbeat is part of that phenomenon, which makes you a cosmic energy. The sun heats the Earth and causes the Schumann resonances that pulsate at the same rhythm as your heartbeat, which your brain sends into the cosmic consciousness. This makes you a cellular consciousness of Mother Earth, which is a cellular consciousness of the God Creator. So you are very much connected to the physical body of Mother Earth.

That is why this great shift in consciousness involves the entire planet and the cosmos. It starts in the solar system and travels into the Sun, then into the Earth and your body, then into your heart and your brain, and finally down into your cells. This particular shift in consciousness means you are moving out of the journey from fear to love and moving into one that goes from love to light. So it is time to heal your fears, because if you go into this shifting process with fears, you will not make it into the next dimension where fear does not exist.

To Make the Shift, Your Consciousness Must Move to Love

The shift will happen whether you like it or not, and some of you will not make it. It is all about your attitude—you must get into love. Mother Earth is readying herself for this shift and she cannot take you with her if you are not in love. Some of you will say, "It will not work for me because I am angry, and each day I get even angrier.'' For those who feel that way, another plane of consciousness, another Earth, awaits you. But if you want to find your love, the angels, extraterrestrials, and the Elven are ready to serve you. I cannot say it enough. This is the shift, and your consciousness must move to love. If you do not want to go through the shift, stay angry. You will go somewhere, but it will not be to the fourth dimension. I have been to a couple of thousand planets similar to the Earth, but this is where I was sent to get the shifting process started. And to shift, you must be onboard with Mother Earth, who is recapturing her love essence. If you are still holding back with fear and masochism, it is your way of forcing yourself out of this cosmic journey.