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Get Organized and Get Centered

Get Organized and Get Centered Rhonda Smith

January 2012 (24/6) is aptly named after the god Janus, the god of transition. This month marks a transition on a grand scale. This month is devoted to getting organized before you proceed. Your psychic abilities are opened even further this month so that you can take your higher knowledge and manifest it in the physical world. There is an ease in commanding your inner activity, your thoughts, and your feelings. This needs to be done in order to manifest what you choose in the physical world. This will function in your waking world as well as your dreaming world. You need to be observant of both in order to achieve the deep sense of order you are capable of feeling. The goal for this month is to accept your sense of order, stay conscious of your dreams, and take the information you are receiving from the invisible realms, manifesting it with love in the physical world.

January 1 to January 7, 2012 (25/7)

You begin this month and this year with the energies of manifesting the true you, the blending of spirit and physical. Accept that you have awakened to the spiritual truths within so that you can see reality. It's time to go within to reassess. Connect your intuitive intelligence, your emotional intelligence, and your mental intelligence in order to visualize the full picture of what we all can create on this new world. These energies may feel intense because you begin the week with the same vibration as the entire month. Take time to clarify what you desire in life, and use your intensified, intuitive energies to ensure that you listen to your inner voice. If necessary, reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force.

You will then move to an easy-flowing energy full of cooperation and compatibility. As things occur spontaneously, you can examine and investigate their place in your new world to decide best how to change or release things if they no longer fit. After this preparation, you move to a day of completions and beginnings. It is time to interact and understand your relationships—including the one with yourself—at a deeper level so you can maintain harmony and peace mentally, physically, and spiritually. You will have another day of multiple experiences of the seed and the harvest. You can use the power of your imagination from that broader viewpoint to manifest and mold what you know about justice into your new project.