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The Eye of the Needle

The Eye of the Needle Melissa Kane

Passing through the eye of the needle is a metaphor for passing from one dimension to the next. It is equivalent to the center point of the infinity symbol. Collectively, we are approaching this point in time and space. Individually, we must cross this threshold in our own consciousnesses. Some of us are doing this now. To get through the eye of the needle, we must be in our highest frequencies, vibrating as pure souls.

Yet to vibrate as pure souls, we must not be attached to any belief systems. Of course it is obvious that we have to release the belief systems we consider negative, but what about the ones we consider positive? We must know that our inner being is pure light. Our gurus, ascended masters, archangels, metaphysical teachers, sacred stones, mantras, tapestries, altars, totems, meditations, medication, and so on, have helped to guide us there. We have used them to help tune into our own frequencies of light and love. However, clutching to these tools will not bring us through the eye of the needle.

Point the Finger Back at You

At some point when teaching a child to swim, the teacher must let go of the child and the child is expected to swim on his or her own. In the same way, our teachers, our guides, and our gurus expect us to find our way through this needle without them. As long as we are still seeing the "highest truth" in one of these beings outside of ourselves and thus placing our power within them instead of ourselves, we have not truly realized who we are. And we cannot come through the eye of this needle until this is realized.