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Escaping Negativity

Escaping Negativity Orbs, Beings of Light through Shelia Shumate

Greetings. It gives us great pleasure to be here and serve those on Earth at this time. It is good to see so many people changing their views, attitudes, and energy into more positive ones. It is important to continue thinking, acting, and being in a higher state of awareness, because being there helps others to raise their vibrations. Multitudes of lightworkers are doing lots of good for the planet; however, there are many thousands of you ready to take on the next challenge to assist in the upcoming changes on Earth.

You Can Help Others Move Away from Negativity

An important thing to do in preparing for these changes is to stop allowing pessimistic people and fatalist news, TV, movies, books, and music to affect your energy field. When you are around friends, family members, or coworkers who are always in drama about their lives or the world's events, stay in the moment of what is and let them know you choose to see a more positive outlook. Thank these people, be in your power, and bring love into the situation.

Whether it is health, finances, relationships, or something else causing others turmoil, think and feel the divine love. Imagine their bodies being healed or imagine them at peace. If they are open to experience it with you, let them know how they can change their energy fields from cheerless to hopeful. Through visualization of love, healing, and peacefulness, our thoughts change, our emotions change, and we change.