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Enlightenment and Ascension Sensations

Enlightenment and Ascension Sensations Simion through Amariah Mara

The boundaries that seemingly separate you from the matter surrounding you and the other life forms sharing your space will be less defined as you elevate your consciousness to include everything in your environment. As the burdens you perceive to be shrouding your view dissipate, your soul radiates outward and combines with the energy signatures of all creations in your sphere of reality. This causes a natural unification and empathy with the consciousness that you are attracting into your realm of experience.

Enlightment Is a Radiation of Energy

Once self-imposed burdens are lifted, your internal source energy literally brightens and expands to fill your aura and beyond. Your lighter frequency will vibrate through the denser tones and past them. This finer self quite literally exists in a separate realm of reality than does the denser self that you will be leaving.

Can you imagine behaving more like light energy? By nature, you would regenerate and rejuvenate whatever you came in contact with. As light, you would reflect the colors of your spectrum off of your world. Your environment would be seen as the reflection of your essence, and you could make it shine brighter or divert your flow of input in another direction. You would be able to beam yourself with intention and see the reflections of color that radiate back at you. Without blockages of dense form, you could join with other types of energy to generate more power.