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Creation from Deep Self

Creation from Deep Self Dwhal Khul through Catherine Weser

Incarnational Histories

All beings come into an incarnation with an incarnational history. Some people call that karma. This incarnational history serves to guide you in the way that you navigate through your life. It serves to remind you of experiences that both challenged and delighted you in the past. You have tremendous freedom to re-create those experiences with new people or to find the same people and create new experiences. You have tremendous freedom with your incarnational history.

For most people, these incarnational histories remain very mysterious and quite unknown. But for other people such as yourselves, there are inklings and understandings and feelings and thoughts that come up in particular situations and circumstances. At the very least, these inklings cause you to open up to the possibility that some part of who you are in the midst of now has roots in another lifetime.

You come into this incarnation with your genetics at hand. Your genetics are going to have a great deal of influence in the nature of your physical vehicle. And yet even your genetics are not absolute. You've seen people who don't look like their parents, who don't act like their parents, who live differently than their parents, and yet they have the genetic structure given to them by their parents. Your genetics are a particular template for your physical body; however, the more freedom you access to create your reality, the more changes you can make in your genetics—even your genetics do not have to be locked in.