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A Year of Revelation and Discovery

A Year of Revelation and Discovery The Master of Light through Claire Montanaro

It is a pleasure to be a part of the discussions concerning occurrences to come in the year 2011 of your time. While of course the details and degree of these great events remain yet to be determined—dependent as they are on human choice in the moment—the template is in place and may be shared.

It will be a year of joy, drama, humor, and often uncertainty— and this latter quality is of the greatest importance in assisting you to accept and appreciate that your human and personal life is an adventure into the unknown. As the veils around your planet thin more and more—and they will—so your sense of spiritual knowingness will increase. Yet simultaneously, your sense of human knowingness will more and more be called into question and found to be baseless. Some of the time you will feel as if your life has been turned upside down and all that you thought was fixed and sure and permanent will prove to be amorphous; like trying to grasp mist, it will prove to have no substance.