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Moving from Love to Light

Moving from Love to Light Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Today we're talking about the fourth dimension—an idea I introduced about twenty years ago when I first spoke about the shift. I told you that when you are ready to leave this dimension, you would go to sleep and wake up three or four days later in a new reality. You will see either the new fourth dimension or the remnants of a fading third dimension. Many of you asked, "Well, Master Kirael, how will I know it's for real?" You will know because if you see the new fourth dimension, it will mean that your awareness is expanded. You will jump for joy, and it will take about five or six seconds for your body to come back down. You will also see the intense colors and sounds of the fourth dimension. Others will awaken and be surprised, amazed, and unaware of what it all means. This is the worst-case scenario.

What I say today is for your benefit. You will have roughly 2,000 years to do the journey of the fourth dimension, and believe me, that's not much at all. The fourth-dimensional journey is so inviting, so enlightening, so empowering for all of you. Start that journey now. Don't wait until the fourth dimension comes to you. Go to the fourth dimension in your sleep state.