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Magnetic Moments in Conscious Imagination

Magnetic Moments in Conscious Imagination The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Free cosmic masters, today we discuss magnetic moments in conscious-imagination living in love's freedom body! When last we played in the imagination of the mysterious neutrino particle, we sensed its particle magic for interchangeable communication in your magnetic body and in all realities you choose to play in. Do you let yourself choose from your imagination freely and without rules? Do you imagine yourself as a powerful manifesting god? Is your love's life presence free to play with your consciousness, your energies, or your matter without rules? Have you set everything in your life back to free energy such that you can be free, making your freedom body your new grounding for home?

In this new language of multimagnetic fields of love's freedom, you move beyond electrochemical emotions that age the protein water gene. Magnetic energy is conscious love's imagination transmitting new life. Conscious choice spins like a magical magnet and plays freely in all forms, transmitting choices in love's free energy. Magnetic energy heart pulses breathe in imaginative play, engaging all that is spirit in all its moments of choice. This is the pulsing heart of your new world moment in simple, playful, freewill, effortless, uniquely creative, expressive freedom—unless you enjoy the complicated.