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Changes Are Occurring

Changes Are Occurring Golden Arrow through Alexandra McColm Ward

Well, greetings to you; greetings to you, indeed. Truly it is a delightful experience to be here with you, to communicate with you, but far more importantly, to commune with you and interact with you in this way. It is truly a delightful experience for us. It gives us the opportunity to experience, in a way, what you experience in this third-dimensional reality. It gives us the opportunity to take a look at how you all are doing here on this planet you call Earth.

This is truly an experience like no other, in that you all are coming to terms, so to speak, with your reality: what you are creating, your life, your experiences. You are coming to terms with why you are here on this planet at this time. Mother Earth is changing. The vibrational fields are changing. Thoughts, desires, and wishes are changing for all of humanity.