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Awakening Your True Self

Awakening Your True Self Expanded Consciousness and Merlin through Miriandra Rota

Greetings to you, beloved beings. We are Expanded Consciousness and would speak with you in this manner for the love of who you are. When you view outwardly the cause and effect and that which is occurring in your world upon earth, there are those circumstances that would naturally cause you to be concerned or fearful for what might continue to occur with regard to those who strive for the control of the hearts and minds of the peoples who reside in those circumstances that lead them to believe that they have no choice in the eventuality of what they call their own future. Your hearts are filled with compassion and the desire to see all beings free from survival and its hold upon their hopes and dreams.

Yet know this to be true: Those who reside within survival do so for a myriad of reasons. Remember when you were residing within survival, struggling to discover ways of freedom from distortion? Your presence and your efforting caused great ripples in the distortion; and further, your awakening radiated forth into the whole an invitation for all to awaken—awaken to truth. In this instance, your presence was greatly needed, as was your awakening.