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The Age of Light and Shadows

The Age of Light and Shadows Edgar Cayce and the Rainbow Angels of the LightSource Group through Laurel Steinhice

This is the age of light and shadows upon you at this very moment. Upon each and every one of you, and upon Earth as a whole. You have known for a long time that it was coming, and now it is here. You know a lot about the shadows already—you get smacked in the face by new challenges and new issues almost daily, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by them. Even for the most enlightened and best prepared among you, those around you are all too often resistant to change, slow to respond or completely unresponsive, inconsistent in behavior patterns, and in many cases, downright dangerous. Perhaps they are somehow blaming you for their troubles and looking to you for answers. Whether you like it or not— and whether you deserve it or not—it seems like you spend a lot of time trying to clean up other people's messes.

Yet the shadows are small and human, and the light is infinite, omnipotent, and divine. It is in your hands and in your heart; it is your heritage and your destiny. Turn to the light—use creative, metaphysical problem solving to deal with the small shadows and sweep them away. Be empowered. Be creative. Creativity is a Godly resource, for it is the nature of God to create. It is your nature as well, by virtue of the God-light within you.