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Your Presence Changes the World

Your Presence Changes the World The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Light master, your presence in this life and every moment is the key to sustaining your creator passion for ascendant living and expanding awareness into the fullness of your creator divinity. You did this by rebirthing and remerging the heart’s-essence embryo through its growth stages in the atomic and the solar stem cell to grow your light soul in quantum density. This is because your human has mastered every imprint of experience possible in space-time matter of the atom (DNA stem cell) such that the Divine can experience subquantum (multi-helix solar cell) bio-essence life again in pure essence energy states.

We must reiterate that you have emerged out of the stories of your pasts and futures and from the underbelly of distorted light energies, agonizing loss, and disassociation from your bodies as well as lost DNA data communication in your creation stories of wounded separation from your essence. These experiences have distorted your light, pulling you out of life, your emotions, and contact with your core essence. Your human emotions, angelic senses, and divine essence could not communicate their master DNA coding in free energy. Now you know that there is no satan, devil, evil, sin, alien, or conspiracy. There is subconscious, unconscious, unaware, or unawakened states of awareness or experiences that shadow, mask, or distort the natural essence of lighted-love’s growth.