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Unlock the Power of Forgiveness

Unlock the Power of Forgiveness Asr through Farali

To forgive or not to forgive — what is the point of carrying huge emotional weights on our shoulders for things we have done or things done to us? We need to learn to let go and forgive for a better present and future. Forgiveness is the key to good health and inner peace. By forgiving, we can free our demons and stop playing the victims. Studies have shown that those who can let go of grudges live healthier and fitter lives with stronger immune systems; less stress, depression, and anxiety; and more positive energy to achieve life’s goals.

You might ask, “Why would I want to forgive someone who has wronged or hurt me?” Forgiveness is not about letting someone off the hook or forgetting about the pain of the past; it is about forgoing resentment and anger. It is about freeing yourself so that you can move ahead in your life without allowing others and past experiences to control you, directly or indirectly. By holding on to anger and grudges, you shut yourself off from many things while the offender continues his or her life.