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Open New Insights

Open New Insights The Solar Logos through Jaap van Etten

Jaap: I rarely share messages, but in this time of transition, it is increasingly important to do so. Mostly, I give signals to individual people requesting that they work with what I share. I initially did that with this channeling, which resulted in the creation of a course,1 but I now feel that it is essential to share this information on a larger scale, of which this message is a part.

Expand your Perception

Solar Logos: As a species, you have locked yourself into a materialistic view of the world: What you see and what technology offers is your idea of reality. You have gone so far in this view that, for most of you, spirituality is irrelevant to quality of life. Increasingly, spirituality has become part of business models, and the magic of life is experienced only by a few. Actual creation does not result in mechanical systems but in the wonders of life.