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Meet Our New Astrologer

Meet Our New Astrologer Cal Garrison

Neptune was traveling retrograde since June 2022, and it turned direct at the 22nd degree of Pisces on December 3. Trying to understand in linear terms what it means when a planet like Neptune resumes its direct motion is like trying to understand what happens when the tides turn or what is happening when we wake up from a dream. There is no cookie-cutter explanation for changes like this.

To break it down, among many other things, Neptune rules our higher spiritual centers. When it turns direct, the extent to which those centers are alive and kicking has everything to say about what kind of blow Neptune deals us. False beliefs and illusions are fostered and become shattered under this influence, and the truth comes to light in the aftermath. We awaken to it or we don’t. Those who do are lucky. Those who refuse to face it have a harder time.