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Meditation on the Love Star

Meditation on the Love Star Angel Victory through Donna Ferri

The being called Victory is one of humanity’s oldest friends. He hails from Venus, a realm also known as the Love Star. Its celestial rays send the energies of love, beauty, and grace to Earth, and you can consciously help to reestablish these energies through your heart. When you ask your highest light to reactivate sublime levels of love energy within you, a portion of your consciousness enters the Love Star and brings a refined energy of love back into the Earth realm that can help others rekindle their heart flames.

The realm of Venus is not the physical, fiery comet captured in orbit around the Sun. It is the Love Star, a spiritual sister to physical Earth that holds the energy, frequency, and vibration of purest love. It maintains that perfect pattern for the entire solar system. The current mission is to mitigate more calamity, interference, and other negative events causing Earth to cycle more out of love. Though Earth has had periods of rest from negativity and even some times of restoration, humanity has lost both its momentum and place in cosmic timetables. As a result, love is the key to help bring this realm and all lightbeings back into the solarascension cycle.