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How Master Souls and Mediums Connect

How Master Souls and Mediums Connect the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

This is a tribute to Kahu Fred Sterling, medium for Master Guide Kirael, a guide for the great shift on planet Earth. Kahu has recently “changed neighborhoods” as the Hawaiian elders call death. Kahu Fred contributed monthly articles to the Sedona Journal for many years. It was through him that I first learned of the Sedona Journal and became a reader, and I am now a contributor. He taught widely for decades, sharing the stage with Kryon, among other luminaries. In his passing, he has revealed more about the process of channeling and connecting to information from higher frequency dimensions. I have had the opportunity to observe souls remotely as they depart from their bio bodies. In my permitted observations, each departure is unique. Kahu Fred’s leaving was particularly illuminating and instructive.

I had observed for some time that Kahu Fred’s earthly tenure was winding down. His physical appearance was similar to what I have observed when hospice patients get ready to depart their bio bodies while detaching from 3D earthly life. He glowed with more white light. He became calmer and less animated. He had a faraway look. He felt less dense. His lightbody shone more. His physical body appeared more translucent. I observe this common light pattern in people as they approach physical death, especially in our elders in their seventh, eighth, and ninth decades.