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Flow with the Change and Uncertainty

Flow with the Change and Uncertainty Donna Taylor

In times of chaos and breakdown, trying to keep things as they are or maintaining a rigid position doesn’t work, because the more we resist, the more the things we’re fighting persist. The antidote to these times is to go with the flow: bend, adapt, and acknowledge that change and uncertainty are inevitable. If we work with this rather than oppose it, the birthing process will be much easier.

This Taoist philosophy will be important during the first week of February, which could bring increasing chaos, disturbances, and uncertainty due to the Sun squaring Uranus in Taurus. This is then heightened by the full moon in Leo on February 5, which will be an unpredictable full moon with erratic energies that could easily knock us off balance. The immediate task is to be our authentic selves unshackled by limitations, such as the opinions of others or our roles that have become stifling. This will be particularly relevant to Aquarius and Taurus people who might find the energies this week to be unsettling, especially for Taurus folks who are fixed earth signs and like to keep things as they are.