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Awaken to the Transformative Cycles of Life

Awaken to the Transformative Cycles of Life Universal Energies through Nansea Lee

All of you are souls having a physical experience, and you have chosen to be here in these tumultuous and exhilarating cycles on Earth. There have been transformative cycles with Mother Earth and humanity since the beginning of time. Your souls asked to be alive in this timeline, and on a deep soul level, you knew these would be transformative times. You are the chosen ones who proposed your soul plan to the Galactic Light Council and were approved. Souls just don’t fall out of the sky and are then born through their mothers. All are part of a divine plan, following cosmic law.

Your soul plan even designed all those bumps in the road that you experienced for growth. All has been leading up to this grand entrance through the doorway of the New Age of Aquarius, involving more freedom, prosperity, and abundance, offering the time to discover those hidden talents and innate, extraordinary gifts.