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Manifest the Alchemy of Perfection

Manifest the Alchemy of Perfection Saint Germaine and Lady Portia through David Christopher Lewis

Saint Germaine: Dearest ones, the transcendence of the violet fire is yours to utilize when you choose to bring the seventh era into play within your domain. And I, Saint Germaine, stand in your midst to alchemize all that you desire with God’s desire for this coming age now manifest within your consciousness, being, and world.

We have been about the Father’s business for eons of time, attempting to inculcate within Earth the light of freedom, the light of divine joy, and the light of God’s love. Initiates of the sacred fire are involved in this alchemy day and night, as they choose to invoke the sacred fire and make it a reality in their worlds by God’s grace through complete consecration of heart, mind, and will in unison toward this divine ideal.