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ETs from UFO Casebook’s Best Pictures

ETs from UFO Casebook’s Best Pictures Zoosh and ET through Robert Shapiro

Now and in the coming years, you will find that the biggest challenge you face daily is getting along with people, even people you know well and usually feel good about. Things will come up that will be contradictory, and sometimes they will just be misunderstandings that are not obvious right away.

I want you to look at this in a different way because it will help you to prepare for consciously meeting beings who are from other planets. They have begun visiting again, but they are visiting in such a way that they cannot easily be detected so there will be no harm to them or you. They are checking to see whether you are ready to receive beings from other planets in a pleasant way. They don’t want to visit and be helpful if you’re going to be hostile toward them. You can understand that.