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Awaken Collective Success

Awaken Collective Success Saint Germain through Natalie Glasson

Greetings and love, I am Saint Germain. I come forth with my love, truth, and all that I am to share with you. I am an expression of the Creator; I am an expression of divine magic, love, truth, peace, and all that is the Creator. As this expression, I wish to inspire not only the same within your being but also your expression of the Creator, which will inspire and positively impact the world and reality you exist within at this time.

You are a powerful tool in the ascension process. You have the ability to express the ascension process and all that is the Creator, bringing forth the activations, insights, and remembrance and the truth that is necessary. All beings will increase their vibrations, awaken their hearts, and come to remember the truth of the Creator because of you. You are creating a reality of love for all to experience and are a powerful force in this ascension process as it unfolds.