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Your Vehicle Has Been Upgraded

Your Vehicle Has Been Upgraded The Lords of Light through Maureen St. Germain

Your carriage is being upgraded. See yourself in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage similar to Cinderella’s, the one that turned into a pumpkin. If you are not familiar with the Cinderella story, imagine a royal carriage with beautiful gilding on the outside, luxurious padded seats, and beautiful springs. Your old carriage was like a wagon of the Wild West, and now you are in this beautiful carriage. Your vehicle has been upgraded.

We’ve deliberately used the image of a cart so that you understand that you are being towed. When people ask Maureen, “How do you know where to go?” she jokes, “I go where I’m towed.” Everyone laughs because it is a play on the American word “told.”

You are being towed to an expression in reality that not only feels luxurious but also well-provided-for. It is an environment of comfort and enthusiasm without worries. You are traveling in a golden environment.