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You Are Everything between All Living Beings

You Are Everything between All Living Beings Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian: Life is like a patchwork quilt. There is some sadness and some happiness mixed in with the good days and bad days, but all are filled with memories of every pattern and color. We are all stitched together, sometimes hanging on by a thread. Our sacred tapestry, the patchwork quilt of our hearts, lies side by side with All That Is.

There should be no fear in showing our true colors, for they are the rainbows of our souls and our many lives. All our stitchings are divine instructions held within the fabric of our humanness. We were created in love, with love, for all that is love. In the perimeters of our beings, the boundaries of self and soul, live our true spirits. We are the love children of the universe, the offspring of what portrays itself as galactic without end.

Many moons ago when I lived in Cocoa Beach, Florida, I looked up to the night sky seeking wisdom from all its glory. The ocean reflected the sky with its countless stars, and a great peace entered my heart. I heard the sound of peace in these words: “As it was in the beginning, it will always be — a world without end.”