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The Year of Worldwide Awakening

The Year of Worldwide Awakening Elizabeth Joyce

Having pinned all hopes on next year, we eagerly wait for time to pass and our hopes to manifest. But what will change in 2021, and when, is a moot question. Astrologically, we are better placed in 2021. The planetary positions seem much more benign and the positive transits will help us reclaim ground lost in 2020:

  • Jupiter has finally left its position of debility and moved to Aquarius, a benign sign and the natural eleventh sign of gains and desire fulfillment.
  • Saturn is well placed throughout 2021 to support industry and efforts.
  • Mars and Venus will not retrograde or spring further surprises.

After dealing with the huge changes of 2020, what will come to further shock us in 2021? We’ve been made to realize that the way we have been viewing and dealing with issues just doesn’t work. Many changes and challenges have taken place, but this is all part of the great awakening. Because of the mass challenges we have been going through, it’s really in our face.