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What Luck Really Is

What Luck Really Is Azzaman Flow and Asr through Farali

Azzaman Flow: Luck refers to success or failure apparently brought about by chance. Have you ever thought about the possibility of events occurring in yours or another’s life through mere luck? Does luck actually exist, or is it just a fabricated concept of the mind? All have witnessed or heard about instances where no conscious effort was made, but everything seemed to fall in place on its own.

An event could unexpectedly turn out positive rather than negative. For instance, if you have to find a vehicle to reach a destination in a very limited time, a cab might reach you without any wait. How would you consider this situation? If you tell another person, she might call you lucky, or you might refer to the day as lucky when everything apparently went amazingly well compared to the other days of the week.

Another possibility is that you have thoughts that drive you in the front seat and other thoughts in the back seat (not very prominent but still there). This is normally referred to as, “I had this at the back of my mind.” When you come across a situation, you see positive and negative potential outcomes, and the rest gets a back seat in your mind as part of the least likely possibilities to occur. Of course, they are still there; though they are not physically, the energy is there. Because they are there, they are a part of the situation, and if a similar event takes place, you call it luck.