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Time Is No Longer a Limitation

Time Is No Longer a Limitation Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

The energy of something is always alive in your present moment, just as when you listen to music that was recorded twenty years ago. It’s alive for you in that moment, right? Don’t worry so much about the original moment: “Did I miss it? There was a great event in the sky, and I only saw it on photograph or video. Someone told me the story of something, and I wasn’t there.” If you are fully in your present moment, you can join with that energy quite easily. We’re not talking exactly about time travel or parallel-life jumping. It is quite possible to join with the energy of something, even in a recording or a memory, when it is very alive in the present moment.

Humanity is now in a phase of history when things go very quickly. You might hear about a solar flare, a surge in Earth energy, or a cosmic event such as an eclipse and think: “Oh, I missed it! I was trying to keep track of all those things, but I missed it.” Ask for it to come back for you. If you can sit in a meditative state in some manner, whatever that means for you — in an attentive, inward manner — then say: “It’s two hours after the eclipse, but I just noticed the time. Is there energy still available for me?” Alternatively, you can say, “I just heard yesterday there was a solar flare, and I didn’t pay attention because I didn’t know. What does a solar flare feel like?” Ask yourself to go there.

One of the hallmarks of the fifth dimension is that time is no longer a limiting factor. This does not mean that time does not exist. However, many of you have begun to see that when you make wishes for fantastical things in your life or even fun, joyful, superfluous things, they come at you quickly. Five or twenty minutes go by, and you get your wish. You think that’s really not possible, because the gears of creation and manifestation in a third-dimensional sense would need more time. You say, “It must have been coming already before I wished for it, or how did that work?”