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The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Animals Are Lightworkers Kim Malonie

Sylvia and Carmen: Hi, Foxy. Happy birthday! We talk to you every day. Do you hear us? Tell us something to confirm it is you. We look forward to your return. We talked about your new body, or female form as a Lassie collie/border collie mix. Will that be possible? What name would you like to be called? When you grow up, would you like to have puppies or be spayed? As time passes, we will stay in touch with Kim for details.

Have you seen all our past animal friends or family? Would you invite Fletcher today to take part in our meeting? Everyone misses him so much. He passed in July. Fletcher lived in the city of Sudbury and often came to the farm to visit. Would he consider coming back? If so, in what form? Fletcher, you were such a good friend to us, and we had so much fun playing ball.

If you have any messages for us, please let us know. We will be talking tonight at 8PM.